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I beleive that the "Fountain of Youth" is easily attainable simply based on taking personal responsibility for Healthy Lifestyle choices. Everyone knows that we must exercise and eat smartly but how many people do not make this an active part of thier daily life?
#1 - Reduce/eliminate Sugars (cancer feeds on sugar)
#2 - Read Books, Listen to Podcasts, start an ongoing discusion with your spouse/partner; Healthy Longevity starts with perpetual adaptation of knowledge
#3 - Mindfull self-evaluation is key; "what am I eating?" "Is it clean/organic/pesticide free?" "Should I try intermittent fasting?" "Am I moving enough each day?" "Am I stuck in an unhealthy routine?" "What workouts make me feel best?" etc...
#4 - Blue Zones are places in this World where people live longer healthier lives; Ikaria, Greece; Okinawa, Japan; Ogliastra Region, Sardinia; Loma Linda, Calif.; and Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. What are they doing that you could adapt into your life?
#5 - Reduce stress: Get your "me time" into your daily routine (fitness time, outdoor walking (at least 3 miles), biking, no drama ** no, binge watching Sienfeld does not count **
#6 - Fitness trackers can be helpful; I use my Apple Watch every day to track my progress towards daily Movement + Excercise. I find that this is interesting and does motivate me to try a little more each day. I hear great things about the Oura Ring, Fitbit & WHOOP - the important thing is to set goals and then slowly notch them up until you find a good level that works well with your daily schedule. ** Don't overdo it! Start slow and work your way up.  


People often ask me for advice about Vitamins, Minerals and other Supplements that I use and recommend. I grew up on a small farm in Northern Sweden. There wasn’t much access to a Doctors office or Clinic at the time and my Mother took care of most of our health treatment. She favored natural preventive treatments that kept us all healthy and active. She taught me some of what she used, though I must admit that I am not the natural healer that she was.

Basic Essentials:


  • Omega 3 – Everyone needs this! Omega 3 is basically healthy fish oils. It helps maintain normal Cholesterol and Blood Pressure levels, It also helps in promoting a healthy complexion and enhances positive mood.

But the big Immediate Benefit, every time you use it….. Brain Power!

I find that Omega 3 gives me an immediate boost in focus and clear thinking.


§         Calcium & Magnesium

§         Anti-Oxidants – There are these nasty little things called “Free Radicals” that cause all kinds of damage to your body every day. We are exposed to Free Radicals through Pollution, Aging and Stress, three things that we can not avoid.

§         Multi-Vitamins – We don’t necessarily get all of the Vitamins, Minerals & Nutrients that we need from our food. So, we take a Multi-Vitamin.

§         Aloe – My Mom was a bit of healer back in Sweden. She taught me that Aloe is good for my digestion and is a very good immunity booster. This time of the year I use it to fight off those pesky Colds that try to bring me down. There are other benefits such as Skin and Hair health as well.



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