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Hiring a Personal Trainer is like having your own fitness coach. I work with YOU to develop workouts that target your fitness and/or weight loss goals. I'll guide you through each workout to push you farther than you would ever go on your own. After all, I work for You and you want RESULTS.

I KNOW FITNESS and I'll make sure you do each exercise correctly and safely. No wasted time. No Injuries! I use tools like heart rate monitors and regular performance testing to check your progress and make sure that the exercises work correctly for you.

Benefits of a Personal Trainer:
Motivation! Results! Safety! Knowledge & Experience!
Did I mention Results? Your body will start to feel more powerful and confident well before you actually "see" results. Then your friends and family will start making comments about how good you look and "Have you lost weight?", before you notice it yourself. Nagging pains and old injuries become less than a memory. The fountain of youth is no mystery; it's called "Personal Fitness".

Have you ever heard of EPOC? (Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption)
It sounds wierd but it is a very good method of speeding up fat burn simply by altering the workout intensity and type. Drop me an email and I'll tell you more.


Do you need to start from ground ZERO? Maybe you have NEVER worked out before or it has been a very long time?
Have you been working out but you need to try something new to stay motivated?
You have 3 months until your Wedding/Vacation/Special Event and you want to drop a few pounds & tone up before the big day?





 E-mail: chellhofflysic@gmail.com



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