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* I work with Men, too, but the guys never get around to finishing sending me a testimonial.....hmmm? - C.

Testimonial from Lizzie S. on July 10, 2015 ~
"Charlotte has made a huge impact in my health journey by always being positive and finding the balance between pushing me to the next level and not letting me get injured. Charlotte always helps me work towards my fitness goals and always been supportive of my progress. I would recommend Charlotte to anyone looking for a trainer! "


Testimonial from Elizabeth E. on July 9, 2015 ~
"I heard about Charlotte from my doctor. She loved her Zumba classes and wanted me to go too. I started taking classes a couple nights a week and realized that I needed something in addition to aerobic exercise in order to get back in shape. I started seeing Charlotte once a week about 6 years ago and have really enjoyed her training. She keeps things interesting by changing the workout every week, trains to your ability and disabilities, is positively motivating and a great listener. She has a calm, quiet demeanor which suits me perfectly. I am in much better shape now mentally and physically than I was 6 years ago when I walked into her small, friendly gym. "


Testimonial from Jerri Lyn D. on July 7, 2015 ~
"Charlotte and I first met when she worked at LifeTime Fitness in Columbia and I followed her when she left to set up her own Personal Training practice. She is a great listener and tailors each workout to meet your goals ... she doesn't make it easy (you don't want an easy workout!) but she encourages you to push the envelope with the right balance of challenge and support. During each workout, she answers my questions about the exercise and after each workout, she sends me a document with all the exercises (with pictures!) and instructions so I can continue them on my own. I love her 'teaching and learning' approach. She also works within your means and works hard to accommodate your schedule. I've worked with various trainers and she is one of the top! "


Testimonial from Eric Katkow on July 2, 2015 ~
"I'm 71 and have trained at PPT for about fifteen years - ever since I read a news item that cardiovascular workouts are less important than strength training as one gets older. For many years my main exercise was running - I've done dozens of marathons, ultra-marathons and triathlons. However, it was not until I began strength training with Charlotte and Dennis that I finally realized the truth of that news item. The personal training, the fun classes (especially spinning, boot camp and Zumba) and the improvement in my overall fitness make me look forward to each visit to PPT. "


Testimonial from Suzanne S. - 2011 ~
"Charlotte has been my personal trainer for over four years. Her dedication and concern for her clients is the highest example of professionalism. The workouts are a combination of challenging exercises and fun. Since my goal was to achieve a certain size, which I did, Charlotte is quick to remind me that being consistent with my workouts is one part of the formula. The other part is a great attitude and with her, that part is easy. I would recommend a workout with Charlotte for everyone. She rocks!. "


Testimonial from Casie B. Hall - 1/12/2009 ~
"Considering the current state of the economy, a lot of people have asked me why I just don't take what Charlotte has taught me and work out on my own. One session with Charlotte and they'd understand! Working out with Charlotte has been one the best things I have ever done for myself. She is one of the most genuine and supportive people you ever will meet! I completely trust her advice and knowledge as she is definitely an expert in her field. Not only am I seeing results, but Charlotte has supported me in feeling beautiful and strong despite what the scale says. "


Testimonial from Kathleen O. - 12/30/2008 ~
"I have been working out with Charlotte twice a week for the past 3 months and I am thrilled with the results. As I've gotten older, I began to notice loss in muscle strength and tone. With a busy work schedule and 3 teens at home, I thought I would never have the time or drive to get back in shape. After 3 months with Charlotte, I'm feeling much stronger, I have more energy and I'm starting to see real muscle tone in my arms, legs and stomach. Charlotte put together a personal routine for me and she makes the work-out fun. Its really paying off! I highly recommend her as a trainer. "


Testimonial from Jennifer J. - 12/29/2008 ~
"Charlotte is the best of the best. She tailors each lesson to her client's specific needs and wishes. She always puts her client's health first. As a former nurse, she has a thorough knowledge of anatomy and muscle function. She is also a great motivator and she's fun to work with. Plus, she's extremely friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Charlotte. "


Testimonial from Monica T. - 12/29/2008 ~
"It is such a pleasure working with Charlotte. Even though I can only work with her 1 or 2 times a week, after 6 months I definitely see a difference in my overall muscle tone and body shape. For financial reasons, I originally only intended to work with a trainer for a few months, however, because of the progress I've made working with Charlotte, I've decided that I really can't afford to quit. I consider it an investment in myself. "


Testimonial from Darlene C. - 12/27/2008 ~
"Charlotte is dedicated to bringing out the best in all of her clients. She works tirelessly to guarantee that you meet your fitness goals. "


Testimonial from Mary Katherine - 12/26/2008 ~
"I signed up for a trainer, but I also found a friend. Charlotte is reliable, consistent, and positive. My 1-hour workouts feel much shorter with Charlotte beside me."


Testimonial from Ann R. ~
"I had reached a plateau in my workouts and had even started to gain weight even though I worked out five or six days a week. Charlotte's imaginative and fun workouts helped me break through that plateau and start burning calories again. It wasn't long before the pants I couldn't fit into were actually a little baggy! She is so motivating and positive; I really look forward to her workouts."

Testimonial from Diana B. ~
"Charlotte's experience as a Fitness professional has proven to be beyond my own expectations!!! WOW, what a workout you get. I have been working out intensely for several years, then I took a break for a few months and needed to get back in shape. I hired Charlotte to get my body fat down and we moved it from 18% to 13%. Charlotte motivated me and helped me loose inches. In a few months she helped me reach all my goals and a new positive attitude. Thank You again Charlotte!!!"

Testimonial from Michelle S. ~

I am the type of person who easily gets bored with exercise.  Charlotte's workouts are always creative and very challenging-you will never have the same workout twice. Being the supportive and motivated trainer that she is, Charlotte will help you successfully reach your fitness goal!

Testimonial from Janet C. ~

When I retired and joined a health club I insisted on working with a personal trainer who would listen to my concerns: exercise was new to me and while I looked fit, I wasn't; I was recovering from shoulder surgery and afraid of the equipment; and, with chronic lower back pain I was afraid of any exercise.  Charlotte not only listened, but cared about my concerns and gradually developed programs for me that were fun and stress free.  Her expertise, her background as a nurse, and her caring and concern were just what I needed.  Charlotte never forced me to do something that I was afraid of and always asked if I was comfortable with the routines she developed for me.  I have referred countless friends to her who are also over 60 and we are now on the road to being "fit", thanks to Charlotte.

Testimonial from Jeana D. ~

Charlotte is fabulous.  I started working out with her when I was pregnant, as she came highly recommended for helping me to stay fit and active as well as safe during my pregnancy.  I was not disappointed.  I trained with her right up until the birth of my child, and I started again six weeks after.  Charlotte constantly challenges me and pushes me to work harder than I think I can; she also listens to me, and helps me to listen to my own body.  She is personable, professional, and highly ethical, and our sessions are always enjoyable.  I can’t imagine ever working with another personal trainer.

Testimonial from Theresa S. ~

Charlotte is a wonderful person, who truly cares about her client and works with them as an individual and not as a one program fits all.  Be prepared to be challenged to do the things you realize you can do after all!


Testimonial from Margo D. ~

My first time ever getting into fitness & joining a gym was in 2007.  I was discouraged & didn't think that I would continue until I met Charlotte.  All I can say now is that the rest is history.  I look & feel great!  Charlotte is a fabulous trainer & friend.  She rocks!!!






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