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ALL Fitness levels welcome.

I love to teach Fitness Classes such as Cardio Kickboxing, Basic Training, and ZUMBA®.
These are 1 hour classes that incorporate a great cardio workout with good music and various combinations of exercises that are very effective but also fun and challenging. I use various sizes of weights, resistance bands & exercise balls to get your muscles fully engaged in the workout.


We want Results, We want to be Fit and we want to FEEL GREAT doing it!
These classes are a great way to stay in shape. Working out with a group class is motivating and builds a positive social outlet. I include lots of variation of the exercises to keep everyone engaged and interested.  Of course, safety is always important; therefore I keep a close watch on my classes to make sure that everyone is alert and using correct form.

My 2023 weekly fitness classes @ the PPT gym.

- Zumba Card 1: $10 month = 1 Zumba class per week
- Zumba Card 2 : $20 month = 2 Zumba classes per week
- Walk-in Zumba = $5 per class
- Non-Zumba classes = $10 per month or $5 per class
- Add on $5.00 to the Zumba payments and you can take other classes as well.


  • Tuesday @ 6pm TO 7pm - Fitness Kickboxing with Charlotte
  • Remember the Tae Bo craze? I really enjoyed Cardio Kickboxing and am ready to enjoy it some more. Music with a strong Beat plus boxing / karate type moves all in time to the music. Good Time with one heck of a great workout - all fitness levels welcome.
  • Wednesday @ 6pm TO 7pm - Basic Training with Charlotte
  • This is a fitness class with music that works every muscle in your body from head to toe including your Core. We use light weights but mostly body weight. This class leaves you with that inner satisfaction of accomplishment. ; Challenging - all fitness levels welcome.
  • Thursday @ 6pm TO 7pm - Jennifer & Kerstin
  • This is a Latin Dance type of fitness class. Fast, Fun & Challenging - all fitness levels welcome.
  • Address & Directions to PPT (click here)





Charlotte Zumba Class Video 1 - watch on YouTube
Charlotte Zumba Class Video 2 - watch on YouTube
Charlotte Zumba Class Video 3 - watch on YouTube
Charlotte Zumba Class Video 4 - watch on YouTube

ALL Fitness levels welcome.




 E-mail: chellhofflysic@gmail.com


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